COVID-19 – Letter From Our Administrator

To our Beacon Brook Families,

We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during these challenging times.  The restriction on visitors has been a difficult transition for both our residents and family members.  Without question we realize the value of family interactions to the well-being of our patients.  Communication is a key element in their quality of life.

If your loved one has a cell phone, we will be happy to assist them as necessary with Facetime or video chatting to connect with you and your family.

However, for those residents who do not have cell phone access, we have purchased a tablet and   are now prepared to offer an opportunity for you to connect with your loved one via Skype.

If you or another family member have a Skype account and would like to face chat with your resident, please respond to this email with that user name.  We will be offering 10 minute assisted chats on a reserved time basis.  Time will be available between 1pm and 4pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays from 11am to 1:00 pm.  If you are interested in this option, please let us know when you would like to set up your time slot and we will confirm back to you.

By Phone:   (203) 729-9889 during reception hours         

            By email: 

We ask and appreciate in advance that you kindly restrict all Skype visits to a maximum of 10 minutes.  A staff member will be assisting your loved one through this process as necessary.

If Skype is not an option, we are happy to allow “visual visits” through our lower level patio doors and will gladly supply walkie-talkies to connect with voice.  These visits also would need to be scheduled for 10 minute time slots in advance using the same time frames as above.  Just contact us to set up a time for you.

It is our hope that these trying times will soon be a thing of the past, but until that day, please know that we are providing the best care possible to your loved one entrusted to our care.  We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.

Melissa Vivo, Administrator

March 19, 2020 Athena News
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